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Naryan is a Finnish band playing melancholic, melodic and maybe even a bit artistic rock. We have been touring actively since 2009 and our first album was released in May 2013. This, and a lot more interesting and useful information you can find from our web page
But this blog instead is dedicated to nonsense! You are welcome to have a sneak peek behind the curtains, a world back stage decorated by felt tip pens =).

This blog is written by the bass player of Naryan, Eve, whenever she has some free time from childcare. There might even be some not-so-rock- shades involved ;). Even though I mainly write about the band, I will warn you now that the possible sarcastic comments are my own and not necessarily represent our band’s loved and cherished pitch black style. On the other hand, the calm sea at winter that I am, the guitar heroes can by all means dry the sweat from their brows. The only thing that’s pitch black in this blog, is humour.

Here you can find some links to Eve's blog posts that are translated in english by Mailis Parrott. <3  

Ps. Did you know that Mailis and Martin have their own radio program called "Sunday Roast"? You can listen to them here on CRMK! Pps. They play also Naryan sometimes. ;D But they are also making a very good show!

The first snow!

Greetings from the first studio session with our new crew!

Sometimes everything is just so f*cking painful!

Great news!

Photos from Naryans “olden days”

New members Tommi & Tommi

Naryan-Black Letters

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